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Neil and Jamie

 Once upon a long time ago………

CavefestUK.  The brainchild of a couple of regular cavers who just wanted to have a weekend underground with friends.

An idea shared between friends and a trip for the guys is all it was. “A trip to some nice caves on the Mendip”, we said. We began to make some calls and soon our idea was becoming a reality. Booking this trip, booking that trip, sorting a camp-site and building an exciting weekend, but more was to come of it.

Rather quickly our idea grew, and by Easter weekend 2017 we had created a weekend of caving for 50 cavers. We were simply amazed. Our little idea of a Gwent CC weekend caving was long gone and ideas of making something more of our success were being born.

CavefestUK was formed in August 2017 in the Nedd valley, during what was then our second arranged event. The South Wales  meet was also a success and cavers from all over the country came together again. This was it. CavefestUK was here. People were talking, positive opinions and support was forming, cavers from all across the country were interested in what we had to offer next.

Cavefest 2019 is on its way. Our next event will be in Crickhowell and will be held between 23rd – 26th August

Supported by The Cambrian Caving Council 

and so the story continues…..

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