Camping and Clubs

Most of the evening entertainment and organised trips will run from the village hall in Priddy BA53BE, with many thanks to the parish council.


Camping is available from £6 at Ebbor Ways Farm, this is basic camping with running water and basic toilets. Click the link below for more:

If you are a caving club member be sure to book yourselves and any guests a bed in good time.

We’ve tried to pick a good time of year for camping, so keep it in mind most cave clubs allow tents on their grounds also!

There are showers at the club’s which cost a minimum of 20p, if you are not staying at a club but need to shower or charge batteries you must get access from a member and you must pay a day fee of £1 to the club in their designated day fee boxes!

Below are some links to caving clubs on the Mendips,  just click the picture for more info: