BCA insurance & temporary insurance

Following recent advice from the BCA, CavefestUK can now update you regarding BCA insurance for international cavers and non BCA members.

I can confirm that any foreign caver who attends the event will not be required to pay for insurance so long as they are a member of their own national caving organisation’s liability insurance scheme. They should bring evidence of this with them when they come and show it when they register.

For those who are not members of a national scheme (and also for UK based cavers who are not BCA members) we can insure them for a nominal charge of £3 per person at the event. Proof of name and address will be required and payment will be taken at the event sign in.

Cavers are reminded that this sport is dangerous and is done so at your own risk. CavefestUK will do all that they can to ensure your safety by providing capable leaders/guides/wardens where necessary.

We accept no liability 
Cave safe, stay safe.

Follow this link for information about BCA insurance: