DigFest 2018

Welcome to DigFest, in co-ordination  for 2018 with CaveFestUK

Find the explorer in you!

Cave Digging is the practice of enlarging undiscovered cave openings to allow entry. Cave digging usually follows a search of mountains and valleys in karst topography for new caves. Often it takes place underground in places where a large passage has clearly been backfilled with silt, or choked with boulders. Sometimes chisels or explosives can be used to widen constrictions in the passage when spaces are evident on the other side.

Digs are in unstable parts of a cave and often need to be shored up with scaffolding or concrete to prevent re-collapse. It can be a dangerous activity, depending on the circumstances.

Wiki has a great description of what cave digging can entail: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cave_digging

You could get a little muddy, mind! 😉


As stated on the homepage of CaveFest, DigFest is a compliment of digs around the Mendips that have been volunteered to our database. By clicking ‘A digging experience’ on your cave selection you are opting in to a dig on Saturday AM (starting around 10am).

Below we will list some digs that have been put forward to us so far and try to describe them the best way we can. If a certain dig is of particular interest to you then please email us cavefestuk@yahoo.com to let us know and we can arrange your placement.

  • Longwood Valley Sink (Alison Moody)
  • Blake’s Farm (Graham Price)
  • Would you like to see your dig here? Contact us!