Photo Contest

Mendip CaveFest ’18 photo contest

With the chance to win a one off embroidered CavefestUK Warmbac oversuit

Video credit: Antonio Lufriu

Our competition is unique and in a sense live. Our aim is to bring out your creative side, so even if you don’t have the highest quality camera, get imaginative!

Photos must be took on the weekend of the event…to prove your photo has been took on the weekend an item of Mendip CaveFest merchandise must be shown in your photo.

*2 photos max for each individual (if you send us more than 2, we will accept your FIRST 2 photo entries only*

Photos can be  entered through email, Facebook or hard copy (usb ideally, at the hunters lodge on the Sunday evening of the event)

Below is a list of valid items entrants must aquire to enter:

  • A Mendip CaveFest wristband (picture)
  • A Mendip CaveFest lanyard (picture)
  • Any Mendip CaveFest T-Shirt
  • Or a CaveFestUk car sticker

These items can be pre ordered through our shop CLICK HERE You can collect your item(s) on either the Friday evening at Ebborways farm or at the village hall Saturday morning.

*When making your order in the shop press the ‘local pick up’ option in the cart area to avoid delivery charges*

All entries must be handed in by Monday morning (10am) and the photos will be judged by a selection of well respected and trusted photographers in the caving world during the following week and the results will be shown the following weekend.

*Many thanks to Warmbac for their support*